Pavel Bure retired?

back in the 90's I thought he was the most exciting player in the game.

Is he finished?

Pretty much... both his knees are fucked up a la Bobby Orr.

I loved Pavel back in the Canuck days. I still remember his first game with the Canucks, he had like a bazillion scoring chances, but couldn't pot one.

i also thought he was one of the most exciting players in the game. he was the most exciting breakaway player i've ever seen- explosive speed, incredibly quick moves.

I was a huge fan of his as a kid. I saw him play a game during the world juniors when Saskatoon/Regina were hosting and he put on a show. (Also flipped all the fans off after they lost too, lol) Anyways I was a huge fan of his, he was one of the best offensively for quite a few years when healthy.

great skilled player, off to NY to retire like many

he was a prick, had the worst attitude and he'd charge you for an autograph. I'm happy he's done in

He'll probably play next season. Was considering trying to return this year but as the NYR are out of it, there's no point.

A couple of my buddies ran into him and Gino at a strip club in Vancouver back when they played there.They said both guys were super nice, and chatted away with them a while.

One of the most scary guys even in terms of skill.

well they were at a titty bar they were probly in a really good mood, i know i'd be. lol.

Gino Odjick is one of the coolest guys i've met

Fedorov is, and always was, Pavel Bure's superior.

Offensively Bure is/was second to none.Pavel was a level above Fedorov offensively.Fedorov was far more the complete player though, no question.Both were superstars though.

Spank, we'll agree to disagree. Bure dazzled the crowds with his moves, he always pulled fancy stuff in the middle of the heat, which is why his stick handling was given so much credit. I think Sergei had puck handling skills that were as good as Pavel's, but he just never got too fancy. That is the one area that Bure MAY have had better than Fedorov.

Fedorov was faster. My buddy has a tape from way back in 1992 when both were setting records, that has them race one on one. Its one of Gretzky's tapes, with McSorley demonstrating screening the goalie and deflections. Sergei beat Pavel clean in that race, and from what Ive seen over the years, was the faster skater with and without the puck.

Also, Fedorov has a much harder shot. He won the hardest shot comp, shooting over 100 miles/h.

Offensively and overall, he was the better man.

Bure had his slapper clocked over 100mph as well, the weird thing is he never did well in skills competition but in a game man he was a different animal...I don't think there has ever been a player capable of handling the puck the way Pavel did at top speed in game situations.

Bure was never the fastest guy on the Canucks even, but he was able to get to top speed in like 3 strides.His straight line speed was great but not the fastest by any means, Shawn Antoski believe it or not was faster than him at the time in a straight line at any length.His acceleration was nuts, and made him seem faster since he would be skating faster than anyone else in such a short span, sort of more functional speed which is what killed people and got him so many breakaways, and got him open.

The stuff he did in practice was even more nuts, lotsa practice stories back then where guys would just shake their heads at the things he'd do or try in practice scrimmages.

I'd say hands down Fedorov was the better "overall" player without a doubt, but i think Pavels strengths made him more offensively dangerous.Not by a lot but a definate edge with his stickhandling, acceleration with the puck, and hard and accurate shot.He seemed more of a pure goalscorer.Showed such killer instinct in the offensive zone.Pavel was feistier too imo, he'd throw some pretty good bodychecks, wouldn't be afraid to get dirty and stuck up for himself, but i don't think he has ever seen his own blueline ;-)

The stats:

Fedorov only ever potted 50 once

Bure saw 60 twice and 50-59, 3 more times, so 50+ he did 5 times.

Bure had 90+ points 5 times to Sergei's two.

Bure had two Rocket Richard trophies to Fedorov's none..

Now imagine if Bure hadn't had so many injury problems? He's played almost 300 less games over his career than Fedorov and still has 7 more goals scored overall.Fedorov has more total points though.

Lot of points I have to agree with there. Antoski? Your kidding.

Anyway, the dispairity in goals, however is one thing that should be addressed. Fedorov was on a team that was dedicated to win. He was also dedicated to that team. That team, of course, is the Red Wings, and you cant argue the success theyve had or Fedorovs contributions to it.

On the other hand, I saw a Canucks game way back in the day, where they were getting killed like 7 to 1 or something, the fans were booing them, and Bure is out there cherry picking. I think he scored either #40 or #50 that game, to make it 7-2, and he went nuts. Even his own team was looking at him like WTF?

Lets face it. Bure was a cherry picker, and did not commit to team success, only personal stats. That is the only reason why he had more goals. Fedorov was a team player, instead of cutting far ahead he would always be mindful of the opposition picking off a pass, he was committed defensively. He won a Selke trophy for best defensive forward WHILE posting 120 points, a total which Bure never reached (even tho he played 83 games in his best season). Just look at their respective +/- if you need any proof of that.

So Fedorov still had had more points/assists in a single season than Bure did even tho he was committed to team success, which Pavel was not. This fact alone should put things in perspective.

*my bad grammar

**damn had a big old post that i applied when the site went down, fak** Can't be bothered to type that all out so now ya get the short version lol.Anyways yeah serious about Antoski, although he could only to that in a straight line lol.What you're saying proves my point.Federov is the better all around hockey player no question about it.His assists, +/-, and his "Selkeness" all attest to.
Bure focused almost entirely on offense, and imo was the better and more prolific goal scorer.Bure is the one of the two most likely to be a game-breaker and go end to end at any given time and bury one.He is always a threat when on the ice.I never argued the Wings' success, in fact it also factors in.Fedorov played on a far superior team, one that was a perennial cup contender and sometimes winner, one with superstar players on it.That right there will lead to more assists and better stats.I can't see Fedorov potting 50+ for the Florida Panthers like Bure.Keep in mind Bure would play with guys like Gino Odjick lol.Really you're preaching to the choir though, i agree totally that Fedorov is the better all around hockey player, 100%..I do think, that Bure was more dangerous offensively.That's the only thing i think he did better, not a lot better but still, and it's just because that's all he seemed to concentrate on.Fedorov would use the players around him while Bure often created offense on his own due to his speed and stickhandling.

lmao at Odjick, yeah you have to give credit where credit is due, Pavel did play on a worse team and did very well but his assists may have suffered from it.

However, playing on a bad team is not all a bad thing, as it also lead to Pavel getting a lot of ice time. Hence the reason why Fedorov left Detroit. Although if Sergei still loves the game, he is regretting it big time right now.

My guess is hes just going to chill on the beaches in socal and watch the playoffs with his old Red Wings jersey on, lol.

Anyway, about Fedorov/Bure, I guess we are both thinking roughly the same thing, just have different ways of saying it.