Pavel Tsatouline

Has anyone ever read any of his books? Have any time using his workout? I met someone who swears by this guys program, but I have never heard of it/him.

I got stronger and in better shape by doing "heavy duty" type lifting and running than I did by following "Power to the People" or "Russian Kettleball Challenge".

Some find it effective, though. It is definitely the trendy thing these days, along with "wood chopping routines" and "sledge hammer throwing" and stuff like that.

Thanks for the info. Anyone else?

You can't go wrong with "Power to the People." Is it the end all, be all to training? Of course not, but if you are looking to increase strength his methods do work and can be applied to all different types of lifts and not just the ones he outlines in the books. PTP has produced great strength gains for me.

Russian Kettlebell Challenge I personally enjoyed very much and have 2KBs (they accidently sent me one for free :)) but I do not believe it is necessary. It is fun and effective.

I would go with PTP first because it is just a book. No extra expenses such as KBs needed and is functional for many different lifts. If you're looking to increase strength without mass gains Pavel could be a very good idea. Strength training is great because so many different methods work.

120lbs deadlift when I began lifting. 375lbs now. Same body weight.

Those are solid gains.

so far his stuff is pretty good. i like em. there are a good number that somehow don't like him. So watch out for negativity. The one book I ever got to read was Power to the People. From other reviews it is the Bible of Pavel to put it in jokingly. Also checking out his columns and articles at the magazine rack is good too. Not much reason to buy the mag he writes in so I just thumb through the mags to look for new columns.

What's the address for his sight? I searched google and did not see it.

Power to the People was pretty good. In all honesty
it could have been reduced down to one good
magazine sized article. But I guess thats true of
most books.

I think he puts out some quality, yet way overhyped products. I especially think his stuff is great for beginners because he breaks down complex concepts into easy to understand language and actually makes it enjoyable to read. If you already have a modicum of knowledge, then you might not really glean much from his work.

Power to the People is a good book. It offers a different and somewhat refreshing view of strength & power that you won't see in any of the 'musclemags' or mainstream weight training books.

He advocates lifting heavy, often, and doing basic compound exercises such as the deadlift. Also featured are more esoteric exercises such as the side press and Pavel's own brand of Russian humor which is sometimes not in the best of taste.

All in all, the information is good, and I made some very significant gains while following his program.

Pavel is my absolute favorite writer out there. He is very honest, if dosent know something he ll admit it, he dosent pretend to be an expert in what he is not. His books are excellent. he is opinionated but he is trying to prove a point(s). with that said check out mike mahlers articales on he trains under pavel and that should give you an idea of some of pavels idea