Pavel's EKB or Mahler's disc

Looking to get some new kettlebell DVD's I have Pavel's Kettlebell Challenge so I need opinions on his new one Enter The Kettlebell ?
I dont have any of Mahlers stuff but everyone says he's the man I was looking at his size and strength disc and explosive strength disc.
thanks Fella's

Not to hijack your original question about Enter the Kettlebell, but I'd do a seach on eBay for Steve Cotter's 'Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting'.  Great set and eBay was selling it for $99 which is a steal considering it's like 5 disks and 7 hours of good instruction.

Actually, it's $75 on eBay.  Excellent deal.  Seriously.

I reviewed both of Mahler's discs in this thread: