Pavel's Naked Warrior

Anyone with any experience with this program?

I bought it last week.

I would say it is a great book especially for people who are into Bodyweight Exercises only like me.

It is not about 100 rep workouts but about max strength training with hardcore exercises.

Take care Björn

My shoulders and knees hurt just thinking about it. Pavel's got some good knowledge but he wants to sell only where the money is.

If you want to get fit for combat sports, check the "wiggy & scrapper combo special" thread.


bodybuilding would be even better

"It's using tension and doing primarily two exercises, pistols and one arm pushups."

So it is essentially a rehash of PTP but with extra info on GTG and going from Sidepress and deadlift to the Pistols and 1 arm pushups. Am I right?


Sounds like it.


He's starting to sound like a one trick pony.


Pavels other stuff is good, but always expensive.