Pay $200 million income tax ?

Someone in California did.

Tax scofflaw's $200 million has buoyed state's cash flow

By AARON C. DAVIS, Associated Press Writer

Thursday, December 28, 2006

We may never know if Taxpayer X is a Silicon Valley billionaire, Hollywood celebrity, or some other fabulously rich Californian.

But what's clear is that Taxpayer X did what few can fathom: settle up with the state this year for a whopping $200 million or so in unpaid taxes, almost single-handedly keeping the state's cash flow on track.

State officials can be penalized with jail time in California for disclosing taxpayer records. So the state has declined to share any details about whether one of its wealthiest residents was a scofflaw illegally sheltering money, or an heir paying up on an old family fortune.

Yet state officials also haven't been able to entirely keep Taxpayer X's existence a secret.

"This was a personal income tax matter, so this is an individual," said Patrick Hill, spokesman for the state's Franchise Tax Board, when asked to explain a spike in state personal income tax revenue of about $200 million last August. "We have taxpayer confidentiality ... I'm just forbidden from disclosing or characterizing this."

There are, however, clues about Taxpayer X.

State financial reports released this fall show budget officials expected an influx of $200 million in audit revenue last year after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger offered individual taxpayers amnesty to get right with the taxman..................

whoever paid that won't miss it.

wesley's in fl

wasnt him

prob paris hilton


Mel Gibson

It was Tito, he had to pay back all the people who bought the Ken Shamrock PPV, the only way he could get a win, but still, fraud.....

"whoever paid that won't miss it."

That is correct.

200 mil in State taxes??!?

"whoever paid that won't miss it."

"That is correct."

I don't care who you are, a chunk like that will hurt.

He still not probably paying his fair share.