pay good attention to the reviews of AC:UNITY

whatever version ou buy the game is a mess. PC, PS4, XB1 there are so many bugs. frameskipping etc that it is rediculous.

there is already a meltdown going on at NEOGAF.

if you see any website reviewing this game and give it a high score and not even mention the bugs that plagues the game, you know that website can not be trusted.

for example playstation lifestyle gave the game 10 out of 10. then you know this website can not be trusted at all.

anyway goodluck for the people that bought the game.

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Any game that puts out 18 trailers for itself is going to be shit. Phone Post 3.0

You know the game is gonna be bad when Ubisoft has a post release review embargo.

I'm enjoying it so far, one of the best in the series

Although I haven't fully completed the game yet and haven't had to encounter any of the bugs or frame rate drops that people have been talking about Phone Post 3.0

The shitty part is that there's a good game hidden under all the garbage. I know November sales are important but why risk damaging a huge brand when a delay would have still lead to huge sales and a better game. Don't forget they also disabled the micro transactions for review copies so most reviews didn't notice them. Phone Post 3.0

I bought the game and have not had any issues

Here is somethign funny. While browsing Yahoo news they have an article from Gamespot linked about the AC Unity disaster launch and all the bugs

When I went to the link it was a 404 error. Makes me wonder if Ubi demanded they pull the article.

And another article.

Thanks OG. I own the game but I am going to let it sit and collect a couple patches before I get back into it. Hopefully they do something to make up for it, but with Ubi, I doubt it.

Holy shit, come on Ubisoft. Looks like Rogue is going to be the better game lol.

It gets worse. If they release the Crew in a few weeks as it stands now, I will lose all faith in Ubi. I was looking forward to that game, but it is nowhere near ready for release. They just want these titles out in time for Christmas and apparently quality does not matter.

I have faith in Far Cry 4, but even that's wavered a bit. Phone Post 3.0

Far Cry is Ubi?

Didn't know that. Man if FC has issues they will be back to back to back unfinished and glitchy games

Honestly Far Cry should be good. It's a cross gen game on running on a familiar engine. There's been quite a few streams already up running off PS4's. It looks great. Unity looked bad on a lot of pre release streams.

I know you don't put a lot of weight in reviews, FC's go up at midnight tonight, plenty early. If Ubisoft thought it was shit they'd never let that happen. Phone Post 3.0

All companies go through rough patches. I hope ubi can deliver on the division and the new rainbow six game I know they are far off but these recent events are a bit worrying.

I don't really have much hope for Ubisoft games. The problem seems to be that they are too big and have too many different teams working on the same game. I think they had something like 9 different dev teams working on Unity and they aren't working together on the projects. They all do their own part and then throw everything together and hope it works.

FC better not suck. I ordered the special edition of that game to get the little statue guy for my game room shelves

like the boner dinosaur said, I'm sure FC4 will be fine because it's cross-gen. AC Unity was using a new, or new version of the engine to push the next gen limits some. Looks like they have a bunch of kinks to work out. They should have delayed it, but at least they're trying to push the envelope some. I've heard the Paris streets are packed with people and when it's not glitching the city immersion is awesome.

yeah man the amount of people on one screen is amazing.