Pay more or the school closes!

I signed a 1 year contract with a school a short time ago. I payed an entire year in advance. I will not name the school, but it is the only BJJ school that is local to me. Last Friday I was told by the instructor that although I had a 1 year contract, I would need to pay $20 extra (along with everyone else) or the school would close. I would be refunded the "unused portion of my contract". This SUCKS! I am financially unable to pay more. It took me a year of saving and an income tax return to afford this training - that is why I payed off a year in advance. I have a baby coming in a little over 2 months and I really can't pay the extra fees. If the school closes, that's it, there is no other training in town. The only other thing available to me is karate or kung fu etc.


That sucks bro, talk to your instructor and explain your cituation, I'm sure you guys can find a middle ground.



Unless there is a provision for raising your rate within the contract, it should not be an option for the school to do this.

Well, he was cool about it and he's backed into a corner. If he closes the school, I get the money back minus the time I traned already. Otherwise, he closes or gets "absorbed" by a local karate school which will drastically limit my training time and raise his rates through the roof. I understand his situation too, the guy has lost TONS of money and is keeping the place open because he loves to teach/train. But damn this comes at a baaaaaad time. I have known and trained with the guy for a couple years now and I knew the place was probably going to end up closing sooner or later, but he made it so you had to sign a contract. That's fine with me because I want to train but what good is a mandatory contract if you haven't got a place to train?

Oh well, looks like I might be boxing full time again.

buddie :-(

LOL @ Racer X. The trainer/teacher is saying he has run out of money, and if the students don't pay $20 more he will have to close the school.

If the owner refunds the unused portion of the prepaid fees, He has broken no law. Because there are no damages, he can't be sued either.

" If the school closes, that's it, there is no other training in town. The only other thing available to me is karate or kung fu etc.


This guy sucks, and his school is going to close. His prices are probably unreasonable, and what he's about to do to you is bad busines practice. You shouldn't have to take responsibility for his lack of success in gypping people, nor should you be penalized in your martial arts career for his ineptitudes regarding the school. Take your money back, and leave. You have a child on the way. Your woman would probably see you as responsible and selfless if you took that money and used it for something more useful at this point in your life anyway.

As for the guy himself... again, bad business practice. Obviously the dying gasp of an operation going down the proverbial shitter. I've got some unused instructionals I can offer you as far as training, grab a couple friends who wanna learn something new and get beat up on... don't worry about cost, I would gladly send you a couple of the instructionals I've seen success with if you'd like.

I understand that losing your BJJ training is discouraging, but don't let it discourage your motivation. And keep in mind, you have a child on the way. Perhaps a blessing in disguise?

if your instructor can't work it out with you due to your circumstances,get your money back....btw where are you located??there has to be another school somewhere close by.

There are great schools in Denver (about 70 miles from me) and if I had it my way I would be training there, but I work a full time job, and I have a family and we are on a tight budget so that isn't a realistic option for me.

This is really the only place I can train ground. There is a boxing club locally that I also train at 2x a week, if push comes to shove, I'll train there 4x a week. (that's all they are open).


I would probably use the refunded money to get some instructionals, a grappling dummy possibly and some stuff for my wife, son and new baby. Thanks for the suggestions and support fellas. I plunked down a grand and we saved hard for it. My wife knows how much training means to me and we saved a long time for me to be able to do this.


If you haven't already then I would suggest getting the names and numbers of all the other students you would like to train with. If the place closes start calling people up and if nothing else train in your back-yard. Heck, if the place closes offer to buy some of the mats, to put down in your garage. I know that nothing can replace a good competent instructor, but there are many good books and great instructional tapes out there you can use. But I hope this is all a mute point.

Great suggestions men, thanks for the support and insight.


do the stephen carnes thing, you guys really should all exchange phone numbers in case

Is this extra $20 a one time thing, or is it for each
month left on the contract? If the guy only wants $20
to keep the school open, then I would do everything in
my power to keep pay so it stays open. If he is asking
for $20 more every month, then that's different. But a
one-time fee of $20 I would probably try to pay.

Hope you can work this out, it really sucks. Also, I
dig a lot of the posts you've made.

What was the name of the documentary of that Irish
boxer who was in the Olympics? I remember your thread,
but forgot the name.