Pay Off


Congrats, sorry that we didn't spend more time together last week. Send me a message and we'll talk.


After almost 2 years of work, it has finally started to pay off. I got my High Gear Suits in yesterday. I have been fighting for the suits and to teach my department for 2 years now. The suits came in and everyone was so impressed that they are ready to train.I have now trained all of our patrolman in SPEAR and they love it. They want more.

I am just psyched that the High Gear is finally in. It is everything that it is advertised to be. If you can buy one, you need to. I played with them for a while last night and can't wait to get to work and train some more. Thanks Tony.


COngrats Paul - if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Sean as he has used both SPEAR and HIGH GEAR at his dept for awhile now.

ENjoy and make sur ethe in-service and/or recruits understand the concept and drills based on the USER MANUAL!!

Safety first!