Payback predictions

Enzo and Cass vs. The Club - The Club
Neville vs. Aries - Aries
Bayley vs. Bliss - Bliss
Owens vs. Jericho - Owens
Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro and Sheamus - Hardy Boyz
Orton vs. Wyatt - Orton
Rollins vs. Joe - Joe
Strowman vs. Reigns - Reigns

Post your predictions fellas.

Marlo Sansfield - I'll post spoilers when I get a chance to talk to my mole on the WWE roster

I think tj perkins betrays Neville and it was all part of Aries' plan. Aries wins and Neville goes back to RAW where he'll feud with Broken Brother Nero.

Bliss wins, the club wins, Hardyz win, Randy wins Braun wins, KO wins.

The fans lose, this ppv is going to suck

The club goes over (dirty). Logically, the winner of this match should be next to fued with the Hardys. Why book the Hardys in another baby-face/baby-face feud?

Hardys go over. Too soon for matt to turn on jeff.

Bayley retains w/ sasha interference. Continues the sasha/bliss fued, which I'm pretty sure is going to break my penis. Nia Snax will eventually take the belt of bayley.

Is the "house of horrors match" for the title? If not, wyatt goes over. Yawn, tho. I couldn't care less about this, or wyatt/orton @ this point. They couldn't just let this shit story line mercifully disappear after WM....

Roman goes over, clean, strong. He'll probably fire up in that bear hug sub braun does. Undoubtedly, he'll kick out a running power slam, probably 2, and then a 3rd that's into an exposed turnbuckle. Probably too early for a lesnar spot.

Neville taps aries with ROS after tj hits aries with the mist! Match is less than 10 mins.

Seth goes over via DQ. Joe gets frustrated and sledgehammers seth while he's doing that stupid double suicide dive spot, continuing their feud.

Owens goes over. Fozzy has to tour eventually.....Owens is hot fire with the US title.

Idk if miz and ambrose are doing anything, but if they are, they NEED to get that belt off ambrose. I think they brought him to raw for a shield reunion anyway. Ambrose feels stale. Miz and mayrse are money.

Prince devitt still needs a spot too, i think.