Paying For Autographs?

If this has been discussed before, I apologize. What is everyones thoughts on paying for fighters autographs?

It's fucken gay as all hell.

I forsure wouldnt do it,, but fighters dont get paid enough so i dont
blame them for trying to make some side cash.

I wouldn't either. I just think its funny how someone would charge anywhere from $75 - $120 for an autograph:

Also, we are discussing it in a myspace group:


Who in the hell is charging for an autograph?!?!?!

Check the link above

I heard that Matt Serra was charging $45 for autographs at the New Breed Fighter event last Friday. I don't know if this is accurate or not though...

I would be very disappointed in Serra if that is true.

Autographs are supposed to be FREE!!...Fighters make appearances to sign autographs, people line up to get autographs...The fighters can then use the oppertunity to sell merchandise like t-shirts and posters and stuff. But the autographs are supposed to be FREE!! is going on!.

this is the kind of thing that would make me lose respect for a fighter,,,, i mean they are just UFC fighters with varied levels of success.. Hit the ball that wins the world series my kid can read about in 50 years then mabye.

no that is insulting to the fans

i would also be disappointed if serra was charging

very lame

back in 85, austin idol told me i had to buy a picture to get his
autograph. i was appauled, and still bring it up 22 years later.

selling autographed merch by mail is cool though.

sometimes the money goes to charity which i guess is cool too.

very sad if you have to pay for an autograph.

If it goes to charity, I'm all for it. Doesn't seem to be in this case though.

^^ free signings still happen in motocross. they sign at every supercross for an hour or two. good pr and the little kids and adults really love it.

What happened to the good old days when sports superstars would line up and sign little kids baseballs, bats, footballs and posters for free, just because they recognized that it got their name out and made them proud to be worthy of receiving that kind of attention.


Aint that the truth

if the money went to charity,,, like their!!

I think you get a lot of shady people who want "free autographs" then they turn around and sell them

I think the best way is to put a person's name on it wiht a personalized message so then it loses a lot of its value..

With autographs , once they are personalized , they are LESS valuable.