Paying For Autographs?

hmmmm, i wounder if those fighters would sign a nice pair if tits for free.

^^If i met the guy who cured cancer i would gladdly pay for his autograph,,, get the point??

It really isn't true, is it?

Just about any athlete is usually happy to sign autographs for real fans.

Unfortunately, demand for signed memorabilia has created a market where an athlete adds considerable value to a piece of merchandise by signing it.

Joe's Autograph Store can sell an autographed football for $300 while a regular football retails for 24.95. Shouldn't the person who added $275 in retail value (no matter how long it took) be remunerated for doing so?

In the bigger sports like football and baseball it is very rare to see an athlete do a free signing. Maybe at charity events but most of them do paid signings at signing events. As some of you have mentioned many athletes are tired of signing things just to see them get hocked on ebay. Most of the time promoters offer the athletes x amount of dollars to appear for a time period and then it us up to the promoter to figure out pricing.

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"What happened to the good old days when sports superstars would line up and sign little kids baseballs, bats, footballs and posters for free, just because they recognized that it got their name out and made them proud to be worthy of receiving that kind of attention.


Bad for the sport imo."

This is hogwash, IMO.  Of course players of old, and players of new did this.  In the "good old days", most players could go to the mall unharassed.  Could go out to dinner, etc.  Not so anymore.  Just like players of old did, players sign before and after games, often.  They also do charity signings and appearances.  Watch TIto after a UFC.  He holds court, literally, surrounded by hundreds of people.  He signs for everyone, takes pictures with whoever wants one.  He is surrounded all around--360 degrees. 

Just like the players of old as well, they did card show tours, where they were indeed paid for autographs. 

Cut these guys some slack.  They sign 1000's upon 1000's of autographs, all the time.  Appearances use up their time, why shouldnt' they get paid? 

"Cut these guys some slack. They sign 1000's upon 1000's of autographs, all the time. Appearances use up their time, why shouldnt' they get paid?"

Because it is us who pay them in the first place. Without us they would be fighting for free, then it would be okay to charge people for autographs.

The promotions charge--should they discard with that practice as well? 

How many autographs should they be obligated to sign?  How many appearances?  At event enough?  If so, if the market desires, why can't they schedule paid appearances elsewhere? 

I don't understand the logic above.

Not a very good R.O.I. (return on investment) with the $25 Tiki autograph.IMO.

I would rather have a picture w/ a fighter,than an autograph. If I wanted it bad enough I would pay though.

The only thing worse than a grown man asking another grown man if he can have his signature, is a grown man paying another grown man so he can have his signature.

Kids is different, but paying is still dumb, IMO.

I never cared for Tito that much. Then I thought I saw a different side to him on TUF, and wanted to give him a chance. The boxing thing with Dana put a bad taste in my mouth again, and now this. Tito is a fucking joke, and any other fighter who get sucked into the greed!

I guess in some fighters minds we (the fans) don't do enough by buying the the PPVs, and buying the tickets. Some want more, and will take it if you are stupid enough to let them. I won't continue to support fighters who charge people to give something back to the fans.

When they come for autograph signings and they charge its different. The promoters pay the fighter a certain amount to come and do an appearance and the promoters decide to charge money and how much (either to break even or to make a profit). So the fighters aren't the ones charging fans money. If they charge a fan money outside of a signing, then thats a real dick thing to do.

Apparently Wayne Weems was at a small show in Missouri a while back offering his autograph for $7 a pop. I wasn't at the show but my buddy was a judge there and told me about it last night at training.

fighters are here for the fans it's bs to ask for
money for your autographs

I've paid for many autographs,but most were of people who are dead or near it. I can't think of one mma fighter I'd pay to get an autograph,they should feel lucky anyone wants one for free!

"Apparently Wayne Weems was at a small show in Missouri a while back offering his autograph for $7 a pop."

Sounds like a great deal. You get to meet a reality TV star AND get his autograph for less than 1/3 the price of Tiki's.

My only question is whether Weems' had a longer line than Tiki for the autographs.