Payment for AGA tourny / more info

 All methods for payment are up and running.  There are 2 paypal buttons- one for people who are already members (have competed in one of the last 2 tournaments), and one for new members.  You may also mail payment.

We will have childrens' divisions, and they look to be pretty big.  We will separate the children into subgroups, if necessary, at the tournament.  ALL competitors under 19 need to have a parent sign the release.

Teams that have confirmed attendance verbally:  Spartan, Triad, Southern BJJ (3 nearest you!), Oak Mountain Ju Jitsu, Auburn MMA, Port City MMA, Revolution BJJ, Alliance Trussville, and the Downtown BJJ Friendship & Fellowship Revival...

Let's all get under the tent with our little hand fans and sing praises to grappling...

wow! sounds like you guys are gonna have a great turnout. Hope things go well.

 Working on a hotel discount rate, too.

probaly won't compete, but would like to donate money for membership regardless, PM me for details.  Thanks.