Paypal planning $900M in layoffs and cutbacks

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Fuck PayPal. I had to close my eBay store because that fucking company would let anybody rip off any seller, no matter what. They can kiss my rebel dick.


Fuck that company

the amount of people they have deplatformed for having legal views (in their own nation) is a disgrace.


I use em but hate em.

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Someone paid me and a friend with a stolen credit card. They covered my friend but not me. Basically told me to go fuck myself. That was almost 10 years ago. Haven’t used them since. Stripe or fuck your mother.


What is this stripe you speak of?


Me too

How does a stupid payment gateway need surplus staff to the tune of 900mm anyway?


Fuck em.

I keep getting fake emails saying I’ve paid 600+ dollars to the geek squad.

My PayPal account has no money in it for 5+ years.

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It’s like PayPal but different. Not sure if it would work for your raffles. But accepting payment online it will.

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I forgot to mention that PayPal didn’t just take the money back, they debited my empty PayPal account making it negative then sent it to collections without me ever knowing it was an issue. I battled that for like 8 months before giving up.

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Paypal’s headquarters is probably 75% Indian.

Nope but they did lay off 300 in my city and basically tricked someone I know into training 300 Guats and Mexicans to replace them. The guats are in Mx city, and probably make 1/4th what the Americans made.

Oh and the replacements are all morons with 3rd grade educations.