Paypal question

Never used PayPal before, but I do have an account and it's linked to my bank account. I sold something on Craigslist and the guy wants to pay via Paypal. Anyone know what I need to provide to him in order to ensure the money is received in my account? Thanks! Phone Post 3.0

Is he a Nigerian prince?

justingore - Is he a Nigerian prince?
That he is! And how did you guess that? Phone Post 3.0

Send a invoice with the agreed terms. Phone Post 3.0

TopGrinder - Do not accept PayPal for craigslists sales. 95% of people asking to pay with PayPal r scammers. After a few days PayPal will cancel your payment.

If u use PayPal wait till payment clears before handing item over. Could take 1-2 weeks Phone Post 3.0
I planned on doing this. Of course, he probably thinks I'm sketchy as well, but I would like to wait until the payment clears before I provide him with the product that he purchased. With that said, since I'm a PayPal noob, what do I need to give him so he can send payment to my PayPal? I've only used PayPal for making a payment on a site that I'm not familiar with. Never received a payment. Phone Post 3.0

I use PayPal weekly for years. Mostly buying stuff of eBay but off forums too like motorcycle parts and stuff. Never had a problem. I think you can click pay after delivery, but I never did it. A guy that just bought a $300 brake part off me on a forum did it and it worked fine just got my money when it was delivered. Phone Post 3.0

Do he not live next to you to do a physical exchange? Its safer that way and pick a police station to do the exchange and mention that to him too. I put my phone on craigslist and someone wanted to meet up but once I told him about meeting at the police station he suddenly didnt want to. Phone Post 3.0

I'm in RI and he's in CT. Next state over, but not necessarily close. I might just tell him to forget it. It's only $40. Phone Post 3.0