Paywall? easy fix

just goto and cut and paste url.

welcome faggots


You can also go into your browser settings, turn off javascript, and reload the page. About 90% of those paywall blockers are javascript controlled.


So like an onlyfans or something more sinister?

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Can we go on the OG on that page to kill the ads?


So any sites have pay walls. I hate when people post links to pay walled sites

For more sites than should be possible, just using incognito mode is enough.

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OK someone post a link so I can try these workarounds.

I just tried this on WaPo and the NYT and it works.

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Just use brave browser. No more ads.

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NOW I JUST NEED TO FIND A SITE behind a paywall i wanna see

Opened Chrome then went into incognito mode and tried to check out a NY Times link and got rejected.

Just go to

Every article is behind a paywall.

Just tried ops method and it works flawlessly.

Thanks op


Quality posts.

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Awesome, thanks OP!

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Thanks for sharing.

As soon as these things become common knowledge like this they’re gone, so enjoy it while it lasts…

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I like the way you think!

It used to work for NYTimes, more sites have been fixing that workaround since it is so easy.