Paywall sites. How to circumvent them?

Without paying.

Someone here posted a link to a website that archives web pages. I didn’t bookmark it, anyone remember what it was?

I pay a monthly subscription for a news network, but I’ll be fucked if I’m paying for multiple sites.

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sometimes a quick ctrl-a, ctrl-c will select and copy the entire page for you before the blocker pops up. then you can paste it in a text file and read the info. you gotta be fast though. and some sites it comes up as soon as the page loads.


What specific website?

Only works for some sites


Sometimes you can view them in incognito mode, if it’s one of the sites that allows 3 free articles or whatever

Bypass Paywall plugin for your browser:

Make sure you also use uBlock Origin along with it, which is another must have addon for adblocking:


I tried copy/paste into duckduckgo app on android, which often works.

I’ll try incognito.

Thank you, will try. :+1:

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