PBF Entrance = Entire Fight Fiasco

With 50cent rapping, "I'm laughing straight to bank with this" solidified the fight right there. We all knew that PBF pop-shots and uses his speed to create a boring, fight. Some people on this board mentioned that he didn't even "break a sweat" and that is true. I am not suprised if this was a ploy for both of them to make the $$ with the promotion antics, the 24/7 show, and then the fight itself "left fans wanting more" (according to yahoo sports and espn.com) Did all of this hype + a lack luster performance setup a even bigger $$$ fight? I think it can, boxing needed this, and with proper management, and promotion, go it. PBF and ODH didn't recieve much damage from the fight, and I'm pretty sure both laughed straight to bank with that.

Current State of Boxing Summed Up In One Picture.

Screw Oscar I want Mosley vs. Mayweather. I think Mosley would have a much better shot.

eminem cant fight wroth a shit..

50 will put a gun to your neck...

thats that

"Floyd is bigger than Boxing right now, there isn't anyone left for him to fight for awhile"

Floyd is an attention lacker, but saying he is bigger than boxing is ridiculous. He's not that famous or popular outside of combat sports fans.

Oscar carried this fight in terms of PPV sales and PBF will never be the draw that Oscar is. His style will never go over well.

Eminem has trained at Kronk before and 50 was an amateur boxer for years, so compared to half of the keyboard warriors around here, I'm sure they can handle themselves well enough. No one is saying they are pro fighters, but they aren't strung out, heroin chic rock stars either.

LOL @ boxing.