pbf mayweather in pro wrestling?

he was at wwe's ppv last night.

antually did an angle were he busted up the big show hardway.

so this morning.

he will team with rey mysterio vs big show at wrestlemania

big shows partner at wrestlemania is maybe shane mcmahon



^^highly doubt they are paying him the $20 million they claim. I think Floyd just sees it as tons of publicity for his boxing career. Same as the "Dancing with the Star" gig. I doubt they paid him more than a few hundred thousand for that show, but it's all about getting his name out there. Thanks to the Wrestlemania hype, he has appeared on Larry King Live, the Today Show, and various other non-sports talk shows promoting the event. That is bound to help his marketability when he goes back to boxing.

I think they're even gonna call it a MMA match.