PC Airflow

My PC is nosier than I intended, so am trying to find what is the culprit. Akasa Silent PSU, and Passive Northbridge coolers leave the culprits as GPU, CPU coolers or the 2 120mm fans on front/back. GPU has a HIS ArcticII system which is supposed to be much quiter than normal. CPU heatsink is an Akasa silver mountain.

Would it be possible to get decent cooling by disconnecting the 2 120mm fans, but also removing the side panel? The system is overclocked and currently has idle/load temps of 32/42 degrees.


Is it just a loud "whooosh" sound coming from the computer or do you hear a whining sound? If it's a whine, something is probably resonating. If you can then pinpoint it through the process of elimination, you should throttle down the fan(s) in question. If the mobo does not allow you do do it, you can cut the negative wire and place a small rheostat inline for speed control.

Now, if it's just regular fan noise, there's not a hell of a lot you can do about it, besides trying to find quieter fans. Opening the case will cool it quite a bit, but of course you'll have problems with dust. Blow it out with some compressed air once a week and you should be ok.

I've had the side panel removed from my media server for a year. There's just too much stuff in there for it to stay cool...6 hard drives, two optical drives, etc., cables all over the place, not to mention that it's overclocked into oblivion. I had so many fans that it sounded like a jet taking off. I took off the side panel and now I only have to run 6 fans instead of like 10.

It's a whoosh not a whine. Disconnected the 2 120mm fans, and it isnt them. Pressing my ears close, it seems the CPU Cooler is making the most noise by far. Originally I wanted a Thermalright with a Zalman fan, but that wasnt in stock, so ordered this Akasa Silver Mountain on the spot without researching it. Offers great cooling, but is a bit noisy.