pc multiplayers

what are peoples' choices for best PC multiplayer shooters. i've mainly played Rainbow six 3 and Star Wars Battlefronts, but i'm ready to move on. my friend keeps telling me to get Counterstrike. is the counterstrike version that comes with Halflife 2 compatible with the older versions?

what are the opinions on Unreal Tournament 2004? from what i have seen it looks good.

i want something that is fairly interactive (unlike Rainbow Six), that has stood the test of time and still has lots of people playing (unlike SW Battlefronts).

thank you.

If you buy HL2 you get to download old school cs plus a whole shitload of sierra's fps like day of defeat and teamfortress. Those games are pretty old now though but still kinda fun. CS source comes with it as well (which is an upgraded version of cs).
Call of Duty rocks...not laggy and great graphics/sound effects.
Battlefeild 1942 is probably the best if your comp is top of the line. You can use helicopters, airplanes, jeeps, tanks, etc. It was too laggy for my comp though.
I personally didn't see the big deal about FarCry...but I only played it for a few mins at a buds house.

for multi player I've had the most fun on BF1942 and Call of Duty, both are outstanding and quite different from each other in terms of game play. If my PC was better I'd have tried Unreal Tourn 04 as that looks great IMO.

In about 4 months Battlefield 2 will arrive...if you've got a decent PC this will probably be another to own.

which FPSs have coop? i only know of Halo having this option.

Bungie can eat a huge chili-dog smash.

No linked X-box Coop in Halo 2.

An obviously abbreviated Single Player in Halo 2.

No Coop in Halo 1 on the Computer.

And While Far Cry is pretty and such, it's cursed with the Halo 1 Syndrome: Weak feeling weapons. Also the gameplay is neither inspired nor any fun.

Hell, I had more fun playing Soldier of Fortune 1.

I also thought Far Cry was extremely over rated. Everyone was always bragging on the AI but it was same ol same ol. The draw distance thing was cool but does not equal a great FPS. As Kai said the gameplay was very boring.

MadDog243: I've found the Ai was neat in it's teamwork, but horrible in it's attack and defend routines...

I mean how many times did you see this: 'Oh no, we're under attack, let's dance back and forth out in the open, looking confused until the next bullet comes and ventilates our domes'

The AI was much better in Halo or even Half-life 1 for that matter.