PC owning consoles at the moment

Obviously the months after Christmas are always a lull period for games and all media, but its apparent the PC is dealing out some major games right now.

What exactly have the consoles got to reply with?


The simple fact is the PC is owning the console right at the moment.

All console owners feel free to cry into your pillows at night, whimpering at the thought of what you could be playing.

Fight night 2004, GT4,GTA San Adreas - I know what I'll be playing this year.

GT4 may be the only one competing but Farcry, bf vietnam and soon doom3 and hl2....consoles will look shite in comparison. Pc gaming is always better if you're patient.

Yeah Eldon...until the whole thing crashes and youre left with a 4 thousand dollar husk. Meanwhile you could throw an snes out of a plane and the thing wouldn't miss a beat.

Also, it's not to be able to play your games with friends without having to take turns while they're at your house.

I'm not sure where the notion comes from that computers are so difficult to use/maintain. It's not as easy as a console for obvious reasons, but it's not rocket science either and anyone with a head on their shoulders should be fine.

First off, Tsuneo has double barrel shotgunned the correct!

Secondly, oooh yes, pc's are just sooooo hard to play games on. It's like, you have to turn on the power, put the disc in, and then like, click on stuff... and it takes like 5 whole minutes the first time and its all just so confusing pushing those buttons and thingies! It's like the MAN is making me work to play a game or something... even though they obviously kick the ever living shit out of anything ever played on a console (sports games excluded!).

first no guy should say "silly"

second, do not judge how another uses his time

I'm not sure where the notion comes from that computers are so difficult to use/maintain.
I'm still holding a grudge for the several times I bought new hardware, tried to install it, tried to fix it, and spent an hour or two with tech support, only to find out my new hardware was totally incompatible with either current hardware or with the software I wanted to use.
I also got tired of the upgrade game. At first it was fun, like working on a hotrod. Then, it became a chore and money drain.

I'm not an idiot or technophobe, either. I was running a software store and doing tech support at the time.

Big Pun, neither BF: Vietnam, Far Cry or Unreal 2004 were sheduled for release at Christmas. Please return to your pillow.

My Bro-in-law suffers from the PC gaming headaches. He used to love to game with me, even attended a few lan parties with me. I stress used to, because he has given up on it like some of you. I didnt mind him giving up either because he was constantly having problems, "I cant join server" or "why is this so choppy"? (and not lag either, he'd start multiple sessions of the game)

Even when we could get a game going, he was an idiot, we'd be playin diablo and he would just walk off on his own, not even see me screamin at him to follow me and the rest of the group.

Its a good thing we werent playin a console, else he would have been close enough for me to punch him in the face.

He works for a big IT shop at a local unniversity. Doesnt matter, some people just dont have their heads screwed on right.

Give him the simplicity of a console and hes happy.
I for one and am glad he no longer PC games, we are better off without fuktards like him. (love ya bro)

lol Q_Nine... I think it comes down to the games people like to play. I'm really into first person shooters online so the PC is the place for me. I have consoles but compared to the amount of time I spend on PC games versus console games I have wasted a lot of money on console gaming.

I don't upgrade often -- a little every couple years probably -- and I don't get top of the line hardware. I just play with what I have and I'm happy. I have no use for 90fps and the highest graphics settings in a game. Its cool but if my hardware can't do it I'm not worried about it.

The fact that I'm also doing other things on the computer makes it a great value.

Im not a huge tech guy to begin with and I have enough comp problems doing day to day shit.

fuck consoles are there gay graphics

PC all the WAY

Fuckin' A you tell 'em Jerkie! AAArrrrgh!


**Runs off to shoot some VC in super dooper high res BF 'Nam gameplay**

BTW, how the hell do you land a chopper? It's like impossible or something.

pc gaming is a hassle, been there done that


"BTW, how the hell do you land a chopper? It's like impossible or something."

I dont know, they are not the easiest things to fly as it is, but its a hell of a lot easier to fly then in BFV than Desert Combat. I dont see how those cats pick up the tanks and boats with the copters like its no problem.

I just use them for a quick transport (crash and burn) to the fartest base for a capture! :)

can't play ninja gaiden on a PC, and xbox is getting both doom and t1/2 or so I've heard

xbox is getting both doom and t1/2 or so I've heard
As a guy who waited YEARS for Halflife to hit a console, I'd advise you to not put too much faith in that.

"can't play ninja gaiden on a PC, and xbox is getting both doom and t1/2 or so I've heard"

The same can be said for PC titles. You cant play battlefield on the consoles and you'll be getting a version of Doom 3 that was done by a third party company for Id. I still expect it to be good, but I doubt it will hold a candle to PC version.

In reality, some of us are looking more forward to the engine than the game itself (Doom3,Farcry,HL2) for the mods and total conversions that will be created this year. Even if you can play the original released version, your console has no ability to play modded versions. (at least not on the scale of the PC) Take DOD, CS and Desert Combat for example, you will only get those titles on the console when you pay for it after its released in stores. (and most wont be)