PCI 2.2. card in PCI 2.1 slot

I've got problems.

got a Netgear MA311 card, which requires PCI 2.2, that I'm plugging into a PCI 2.1 slot on my old PIII 450 Dell.

I've heard that PCI 2.2 cards are pretty much backwards compatible with PCI 2.1 slots, minus a few unneeded features.

when I turn off WEP and open up my Access Point, it accesses just fine.

however, the Windows configuration utility that comes with the drivers doesn't display the tabs that the manual says would let me configure a WEP key. So I can't use it with my WEP key

Windows XP's Wireless Configuration doesn't let me do squat either, all it does is let me cancel and not set WEP keys or set up network profiles. I know to set the key in Hex....

I've updated the drivers and everything, no dice. I Google Searched the Web and newsgroups but found nothing...

everything displays as normal on the hardware, and I can access everything just fine when WEP is off.

I'm planning on putting FreeBSD 5.2 and running the machine as a firewall/gateway when they finally put it out as -Release pretty soon, so the important thing is that the FreeBSD drivers let me turn on WEP...

anyone know anything about this kind of stuff, or am I gonna have to search around to try and find out if WEP is disabled because of the PCI difference?


You've probably done this, but just in case:

-View your "Network Connections" screen

-Right-click the wireless network connection - Properties

-Click the "wireless networks" tab

-Click "Add" under "Preferred networks"

-Uncheck "The key is provided automatically", and check "Shared mode". (Also make sure "WEP enabled" is checked and ad-hoc is unchecked.)

Also, be sure that your card can handle 128bit WEP keys. Try 64bit just in case if it still gives you trouble.


Wireless Zero Configuration was off, which was why I couldn't enter a WEP key there.

I set it to automatic and started it, uninstalled and reinstalled the card drivers and configuration utility, and couldn't get shit to happen with WEP on.

I reentered the passphrase in hex twice...

it works fine without WEP, but when I turn on WEP, even after entering the key, it totally shuts down.

I think the Netgear card configuration utility that works like Zero Config is missing about three tabs that control things, so I can't use that instead of Windows.

also, my signal is around 50%.... could that be the reason it can't connect to WEP?

Nope. WEP isn't dependent upon signal strength as far as I know. XP's WEP configuration should work just fine. Did you try a 64 bit key?

no, I didn't... the card says it is 128 bit WEP compatible...