The Presbyterian Church of the USA (PCUSA) has continued its anti-Israel stance. In May of this year, the Church decided to reverse an earlier decision in which they would divest $7 billion from US companies that work with Israel and continue regular relations. Since then however, the Church leaders, in an effort to receive a "balanced" view, visited terrorist leaders in Lebanon (Hizbollah) and are passing off the "information" they were fed to their congregants as though it was true. They are now planning on having another divesment meeting in which $7 billion will be divested from companies that work with or support Israel unless; Israel goes back to the pre-1948 war borders, UN watches an independant Jerusalem, equitable peace with 2 states working and the right of return, the end of violence and oppression by the state.

This is one-sided anti-Zionist BS. Please, if any of you support the state of Israel, easp if you are a PCUSA member, click here and write to your leadership!