PDA phone suggestions, pls

Alright tecchies, I need a favour:

I'm in need of a pda phone, as my last one didn't survive the fall into the pool.

I run my own business and don't want to bring my laptop with me everywhere I go.

I need:

Windows Mobile (so I can synch with my work computer and not have to learn to use another system) Wifi & bluetooth Built in keypad Memory chip

I want:

Digital camera

My drowned phone was a Siemen's SX66, but I always had a hard time connecting to wifi, no matter how strong the signal, and the speakerphone sucked arse.

Any suggestions?


I have an 'XDA IIi' Thats the UK name for it. There same phone can be bought in the USA under another name. I need an upgrade i might get an XDA exec. They are nice i suggest it as i love my PPC!

I like my Treo 700w. I think they have a 700wx now, which has more ram.

Its a windows mobile phone, so it does freeze up a little bit... but I like it. Has bluetooth and has EVDO (internet connection built into the phone). Speakerphone isn't bad. Has a camera. Has a slot for an SD card (I have a 2 gig card in mine).

I have Verizon for service, and its the best around he Mass area.... no idea about whats good around you though.

how fast is your connection with verizon

It depends on your carrier, if its verizon i would suggest the Treo which I believe has wifi on it. For Cingular i may suggest the Blackjack by samsung, which functionality wise its a kickass phone but for battery life it sucks which it comes with 2 batteries. I would also suggest anything by HTC for T-Mob. The Dash looks pretty sweet as well.