PDP v. Monson in UFC

Both are coming off a win, and don't really like each other as I understand it. This seems like a no-brainer for Zuffa.

Bad blood often leads to a good match, or at least good build up for the match. Winner becomes instant contender because UFC really has no one else.

This should def. happen.

PDP by body surf!

PDP vs Monson would end like this...

I will support this only if they put a "no stalling" clause in Monson's contract.

You mean like he did against Billy Ray Cyrus or whatever his name was.

Monson looked GREAT against Hinkle. There was no LnP...he was working the whole time. Hinkle didn't have a shot from the outset.

PDP vs Monson is a good idea, but Monson wins it.

I think thats probably the direction Silva is heading with those 2

I could see a stalemate on the ground, but Monson's striking has got to be several steps ahead of PDP's.

"I will support this only if they put a "no stalling" clause in Monson's contract."

i think Yamasaki and Dean do a GREAT job standing people up when it gets slow so that's a non issue

They both fought very well and their grappling match was full of
contorversy. I think it'd be a great fight. They both proved me wrong on

Actually Saturday revitalized the entire heavyweight division in the UFC.
Now there's lots of heavyweights I'd like to see again. Monson, PDP and
Vera all looked great. I'm sure Mir will be back in the hunt at some point
too. I don't need to see Hinkle or Eilers again, but there's still new life in
the Heavys.

Nice to see.


i bet this will be a borring fight...have monson fight vera and have pdp fight buentello

Saturdays card made me want to see more UFC HWTs again for the first time in a long time other than Andrei, Mir, Buentello, and Sylvia.

ttt . . . 'cause now the fight's actually happening.

my money is on Monson

Someone from ATT was on here saying that the fight was signed for April...the thread title was "big month for ATT" or something like that....

Exactly. That's what motivated the "ttt".

BOOM for Big Jeff!!!

Monson will eat PDP alive.