PDR 10

We just concluded PDR 10 several hours ago and the weekend was an incredible one. There were 13 new individuals as well as 5 returning coaches who attended the seminar. The class seemed to absorb the material rather easily and that can be associated to several things. During the meet and greet session on Thursday night, we got to hear why everyone was in attendance and there were quite a few people who had seen and heard good things through people who had gone through the certification process in the past. When we have so many people attending due to referrals, that is evidence that good people attract good people.

Another reason the class was able to absorb the material in a timely manner was due to their preparation. I know that they were sent several videos when they registered to attend and it is obvious that they watched them. That made the instructors' jobs easier and allowed them to expand more on a certain subject instead of having to introduce it for the VERY FIRST time.

Lastly, this weekend couldn't have run as well as it did if it wasn't for the preparation of Coach Blauer and his staff. A big thank you goes out to Sean Mulligan, Robb Finlayson, Tom and Dana Arcuri, and we can't forget the mad genuis behind it all....Tony himself.

It amazes me how much information is passed on during the weekend and each time I hear someone speak about a certain topic, I am always able to pick up several new things that I missed before. I am still amazed at the amount of "new" information that I was able to pick up during the weekend.

I would like to thank everyone for a wonderful session and I'm looking forward to training with everyone again soon!!!

Sean Blair
PDR Coach

Another PDR Fundamentals Cetification has come to a close. It was awesome to have had been involved in celebrating the 10th PDR certfication but also being apart of the very 1st course back in 2000.

The system and the process continues to evolve, through the hard work and dedication of those passionate about the PDR Program.

The strict standards that Blauer Tactical expect from the applicants before being invited to attend the PDR certification is obviously the reason why this group was the most prepared I had ever witnessed.

Big thanks go to Tony and his staff for their dedication to keeping people safe, and to Sean Mulligan, Tom and Dana Arcuri for the hundreds of hours spent refining the PDR cirriculum behind the scenes.

I look forward to training with everyone again, and start preparing for the advanced session slated for next year.

              Robb Finlayson, PDR Systems Coach

PDR 10 was another positive step in the on going evolution of PDR. This event, as all PDR's, had brilliant teaching of a brilliant system by Coach Blauer. However, what made this event memorable for me was the synergy of the highly motivated returning coaches, well prepared new candidates and excellent assistant instruction by the PDR Training Staff (Sean Mulligan, Robb Finlayson and Dana Arcuri) The combination of these three factors made it obvious that we have gone to a new level in our quest to expand the understanding of Coach Blauer's research within the martial arts community.

PDR has the potential to revolutionize the way martial artists train for self defense (regardless of style or system). I am also looking forward to the advanced training sessions this coming year and PDR 11 in April 2005.

As always our thanks go to Tony for his passion, commitment, integrity and vision. We are all better off for it.

Tom Arcuri
PDR Coach

Thanks guys...

Qui docet, dicet (those who teach learn)

this system wouldnt be where it is without great students asking great