PDR 10

To all readers,

To Demystify means: To rid of mystery, or make clear mentally. And although it has taken days for me to absorb all of Tony’s teachings, this is exactly what he has done. Not only Tony but also his staff at BTMS. I have been searching for some time now. I have gone to various seminars and Dojos. I would take what I liked and leave the rest. I was giving up so to speak, and started to create my own style. Did I possess the foresight to include anything like Pre-Contact Ques? The answer is no. What about Attack Specific Scenarios or Emotional Climate Training, the Cycle of Behavior? Forget it, never occurred to me. I felt much like a Ronin (Masterless Samurai). Where is my teacher? The one I can REALLY look up to? The one who will show me what I can do and not what he can do. And do I really have to wait twenty years to get there? Well thanks to Tony Blauer and his staff, the answer is no.

I can go on for days here. Boils down to this; The “System” is working for me every minute of every day. I can’t thank you all enough. I feel like I did, just after got my first Black Belt. Yes I am empowered. Finally. I can not wait to empower all I come across. But do I posses the means to do so? Again the answer is no. So I must wait and sharpen my spear, so when I do decide to deliver it, it will hit it’s target with full force. Just as it has done to me. I have many ideas through out the day, I can not stop thinking.. In three days he has demystified just about everything in my head. What an incredible weekend. One of awakening and empowerment. I even feel taller!

To anyone reading this who has yet to take one of Tony’s seminars, I tell you now to forget all you thought you knew and know, and do it. You will thank yourself one day. On that note all who have attended this past weekend and before deserve to thank yourselves. If you could not be fulfilled before no matter what you did or where you went, attend a seminar. Tony and his staff will fill that void for you. Just have an open mind and a healthy thirst for knowledge. You will not be disappointed. I wish to thank Tony, Sean, Tom, Dana, Rob and Marc, and anyone else I failed to mention, for all of your hard work.

Now off to my two hour presentation just had another idea on how to sharpen my spear.

Thanks Again,
Scott Boyce