PDR can transform you...

Hi Coach,

I thought I would post this response I recently got from a student regarding the PDR training and your research. They just recently read your article "No Fear or Know Fear?" and attended a seminar I gave last weekend. Thank you for efforts, it's really great to see people resonating with this way of training and living. P.S. I'm holding back with the PDR curriculum I learned at the session until I have the green light, but the students are obviously picking up on the new levels of passion, clarity and fear management that's coming through.


I am not sure where even to begin in writing a response to something that has summed up every thing that I have felt in my life about performing as an athlete in one form or another or in my everyday life as a student, daughter, co-worker, sister, friend, etc...
Ever since our last seminar on Saturday, I have noticed that my window, which I view and understand the World through, has opened up a foot wider in each direction (X, Y & Z axis'!). It seems so funny now to look at any of my past or current life "situations" through these clearer eyes, because I am better able to notice how being in fear runs my life. I am so excited and feel so lucky to have this training available to help me uncover or clarify what is actually behind a lot of the emotions and reactions that occur in my day to day dealings with every aspect of work, home and personal life. This training feels so valuable to me that I am blown away! I want to train more and really understand as much as I am able to. I can't wait until the next 8-week cycle starts to see how much these new insights have altered my goals and my approach to reaching those. I am so psyched that you went to Montreal Nick and so thankful to the incredible amount of research (blood, sweat & tears) that Tony Blauer has put in to his work and obviously his life.
What we have here is so special and has so much potential.


Thanks Nick...clearly youre doing an excellent job conveying the info...that's the COACHING ESSENCE...share, inspire, guide...

You know our cooking metaphor...recipe's are available, ingredients are available, but still some people still cant cook.

Cooking with feel creates the flavor. Robotically running through the recipe (subject vs substance) is like comparing TV DINNERS with gourmet cooking...sadly to some, food is food :-)

But yet another extension of this cooking metaphor & philosphy is that in the eclectic commmunity, we have too many 'cooks [in the kitchen] a product of this generation's moral anorexia...great chefs are more important than new recipe's :-)

Keep cooking and serving the real meal; see you in Austin soon!



I thought i would post these two posts from our AMAA forum. The first one is from a student with 1 & 1/2 hours of exposure to training. Another example of how the PDR over and undertones keep shining through. His thoughts are very represntative of what a privilege it is to share 'training with integrity'. The next post is from Shelby and i thought she could get some more insight/feedback regarding her experience from you or the other PDR coaches here. I will tell her to read the 'Alive Drills' post also.

It's great to see everyone so turned on; i can't wait to turn on the floodlights with our maiden voyage into PDR land and when you or Dr. Cobb make it out here. Thanks again!!



Hello, everyone. My name is Mando and I attended my first class last night (3/12/03), and I wanted to thank everyone that was there for making it such a memorable and enjoyable experience.

I've never felt comfortable in confrontational situations and even though I have trained in the martial arts before I've always had this nagging doubt that I wouldn't be able to use what I've learned if the situation arose. Last night's class taught me that I CAN learn how to use what I know, and I have you folks (epecially Tristan, Gene and Roger, who worked so patiently with me) to thank.

I've been deeply touched in a way that I've never experienced before. It's almost like I've held my eyes closed all my life, and last night they flashed open. They're not open yet, but I've caught a glimpse of what's really out there.

Thank you.



Lightbulb moments are the best when you are training "new" angles on techniques that you feel you have a grasp on. Last night I had a lightbulb moment when doing some of the initial bag work at the beginning of class. We were working on follow up strikes from a preemptive strike. My moment came when I realized I was training pure technique (which is awesome) without factoring in the reality of where/how my body position would acually be when faced with a possible attack. From working with the "high gear suit" at Saturday's seminar and with the self defense program for women (and teen girls) I realized that my body tends to arch back away from the verbal/physical aggression. This leaves me standing very high as well as leaning back. I kept wondering why my first strike was so weak and why I could not get off any subsequent strikes. I was so off my axis! So, the current grand conclusion is that the reality of my flinch response to any type of aggression is not only going to be the training that I have received, but a combination of my personality + my training creating a unique situation that only arises under some sort of duress. I hope this is clear because to me it is an amazing discovery. It is one of those things that I think you have to discover and feel for yourself. Every one will react differently (due to past experiences and personality) and this will undoubtedly effect the way their training comes out.
Interesting huh?


Nice, good work NIck.