Pe De Pano-Arnold Gracie Event!

Pe De Pano will be entering the Heavy Weight No-Gi competition at this years Arnold World Gracie Submission Championships! We are still accepting entries in the Professional No-Gi Competition. If interested submit a bio to

Megaton and His wife are also considering competing. Megaton is interested in the Black Belt Invitational and his wife is looking at competing in the women's Professional No-Gi.

Men's No-Gi $3,500.00 winner and $1,000.00 runner-up
Women's No-Gi $1,000.00 winner and $500.00 runner-up
Black Belt Gi $1,000.00 winner $500.00 runner-up
Brown Belt Gi $500.00 to all winners

Event will be webcasted!

Well...........I guess that means I will really need to step-up my training!

Dustin Ware

me too!!was up Dustin?



Nothign much! Training myself, training a few fighters for a show on Feb.21st in Kentucky & "King of the Cage" on Feb.28th.

I belive Angleo is fighting on that card. I have 3 guys on there as well.

As for the Arnold's, our division is going to be stacked. Beside 'PDP', there is Wade Rome, Jeff Monson, and I think Brandon Vera (not sure about him)!

None the less, I am very amped for this! I will be coming in a little heavy (310lbs..ha ha), but I will be as ready as ever. It will be my first No-Gi compeatition since July of 2003.

Anyway, I will talk to you later,


Yeah I'm probably coming in a little heavy too(250).I've been lifting a little to get a some more strength and prevent injuries.I would like to have a submission match with Brandon he suprised me with his leverage when we fought this past fall.It's definitely a stacked division, but I think us under dogs are going to shake things up.


I hope so!

Are you going to be with Ang. at his fight? If so, I will see you then!


RE:Angelo's fight I'm not sure, this is the first I heard of it.I will definitely be there if he needs me.I haven't been to the main academy much lately.I've been really busy with our satellite schools and my truck broke down so it's been hard to get down there as much as I would have liked to.My truck fixed now though and I am starting a new job tomorrow.Things should get back to normal soon.I need to get down there and train with Ang and the crew.

thats an easy $3,500 for PeDe Pano..

Not that easy, a few guys might have something to say to him there.

ATT, ATT!!!!

I bet Monson and Rome take first and second.

Me & Big Don gets no respect...oh well!


They just posetd the "King of the Cage" fight card for the Ohio show and An is fight Jon Tarra.

Talk to you later,

Dustin Ware

Dustin, where is the "King of the Cage" card posted? What's up Big Don?


Here is what I know of as of today:


Fred Parrish vs Jamie Toney (Team Jorge Gurgel)

Jeff Cox vs Mike Russo

Josh Hendricks vs "Billy Bob" Westfall(Team Jorge Gurgel)

Drew Longshore vs Dorion Price

Forest Petz vs TBA

Jason Dent vs Matt Bradey

J.P. Pocock vs Eddie Sanchez

Brad Mohler vs Josh Souder (Team Jorge Gurgel)

Jon Tarrh vs Angelo Popofski

Brion Peoples vs Tony Sylvester

and in an "exibition fight"

Dan "The Bull" Bobish vs Jimmy Westfall.



Whats pe de big butt weighing in at these days?

I heard he was around 270lbs.

Is that right? How tall is he?

fug. he's about 6'4 ish. We gota 2x world champ @6'7" and 255lbs. That wants a piece.

I'll be at the fights.Talk to you then.