"Peaceful violence?" LOL! "News" debunk themselves on their own front page story

Hilariously biased KTVU (Oakland/Bay Area’s #1 “news” channel) tells their retarded audience that “may day” protests were peaceful, next to a story about the violence in Oakland’s may day protest where 7 cops were injured by the “peaceful” protestors throwing bottles and shit at them, while walking past boarded up store fronts.

The faggot “journalist” opens up his report on the violence by awkwardly shoehorning in the words “peaceful demonstrations” as he reports on the charges of assault with a deadly weapon on officers.

And this bullshit channel has won multiple Emmy awards. Hahahaha!

Water is wet

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Well, to be honest, they called the peaceful gathering “rallies” and the violent one “protest.”

So unless they were the same event, you are being dishonest

Just read them both and they do not cover the same event

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All the events in question occurred the same day, all events in question were called “mayday” rallies/protests. By that rationale, you can cherry-pick differences in all protests and say they’re not the same, but, keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

EDIT** The reporter in the violent story that I linked, LITERALLY says “peaceful demonstrations” on the very report on the violence against the cops. This is all pretty easy to comprehend.