Peak VS Nest

Hey guy's, First I would like to thank Kerry Dunne for having me and bill out, it was one of the best shows I have ever had the pleasure of fighting on.I would also like to thank Greg Allen for his stellar managment skills, and Bill Mahood, Denis Kang , Ulisses Castro, and John Punt for helping me prepare for these fights.(and Stan Peterec for all the kickboxing preperation.)

My fight was good very fast paced and some great takedowns from me and Sam.Sam is a very tough individule and Iam looking forward to a re-match in the future.I don't think he was very happy about the doctor stopage as well.He was keeping busy well on top and his thumb accidently went into my right eye.The ref stoped it and the doc came in and my eye went into spazemes and I went to my corner to see Bill to clear my eye and he said if the doc dosn't stop it he will because my eye was completely shut and when he opened it he could not see my pupil.(As Bill put it "My eye looked like a puckered asshole that wouldn,t stop spazing.)I still wanted to continue and was very upset that the fight could not go longer.

Thank you all for your support and I will be back in the WFF In May stronger than ever!

Chris "Mountain of Mayhem" Peak

Thank you Chris...... Can't wait to see "Mayhem" back in action in May at the WFF.

We're all very proud of you....

"like a puckered asshole that wouldn,t stop spazing"

LMAO! only bill could come up with a line like that.

Mayem, u know your the shit. TTT

Awesome job again Chris. You're a class act. Every fight gets better and better. Let's get ready for May!



Tough LUCK!! you are the man and are doing Victoria proud.. good luck on the rest of the trip and kick some ass!!

great job Chris!