Peanut butter

I read that neanut butter contains mostly healthy fat (monounsaturated). It said "natural" peanut butter. Is the regular peanut butter natural or does that contain a lot of sugar e.t.c.? Would peanut butter be a good fat source?


Regular peanut butter is hydronated. Hydronated oils are what's bad. You have to mix the oil back in the natural kind....

Natural peanut butter is a great fat source. The ingredients should read: peanuts. Regular peanut butter, as stated has the wrong type of fat, and often has sugar or other additives. I think the natural stuff tastes way better too.

That´s to bad. I live in Sweden and I think we only have like one brand o peanut butter. They have in the "american shelf" in the grocery store, lol. It has tons of ingredients so I don´t think that´s natural.