Pediatric Monkeypox

Yeah fair enough, that said is it okay to glorify opium, gang culture and homosexuality?





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The list of known side-effects resulting from the Pfizer Clinical Trials.



No. 152


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Because fags want to bang uninterrupted


The kids probably got the Monkeypox from toilet seats like where i got the crabs. My wife believes it. That or driving tractors.

So you really don’t have a reason, other than there were some African cases, to think that gays somehow aren’t involved in these new cases. Ockham’s gayzor.


CPS should immediately be notified for any children reported to have monkeypox. Sexual abuse should be investigated.


So after the two dads get back from a drug fueled orgy, their “kids” might pick it up just hanging around the house.

Even if this is true, and kids aren’t getting it from being diddled, it’s still bad and shows a total lack of responsibility and morals.

How bout stop fucking for awhile you degenerate narcissists

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Heavens no!

I’m going to take the high road and say it wasnt molestation. I think it was dirty faggots fucking other dirty faggots and then going to their job as a school teacher.

All this homophobe shit….

No one has an “irrational fear” of gay people.

People are just annoyed with having gay this gay that thrown in their face 24/7, having every media org in the world pretending like its normal, when it effects such a small percentage of the population, and parents are disgusted with grooming faggots.

So, fuck off


It’s cool. We have a guy here who’s absolutely sure it has nothing to do with any type of abuse.


I knew the race before I saw the pics, white liberals are the lowest of the low.

I can cut minorities a little slack for various reasons but the only reason white liberals are this way is they are pure evil.

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No surprise. Gays are sexual deviant’s and should not be allowed to have children. Or be a teacher to children, or Boy Scouts, karate, anything.