Pedo Peter Can't Help Himself! Anyone Still Think This Is Normal Behavior?

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What the fuck man!?

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Biden Loves Minors


At this point has anyone told him the way this all seems to be ?

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No one has said shit to him. Ever


these particular parents actually WANT their kids to be touched by Biden just so they can get those likes on Social Media

look at how elated the pilled up Mothers always seem to be when their child “meets” pedo peter


I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again, it’s beyond me that anyone let’s this guy near their kids.


And most of the kids fuckin hate it. You can see them lean away or cringe.


We have several pedos on this site who openly support him, tranny reading time, etc…

Le Shat
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Everything here is correct, but also, i can’t imagine his breath is pleasant and you can almost see as it hits the poor kids nostrils like a jab, she moves her head quick!


Who is pedo Peter?

Does Pedo Peter have training wheels on his XC-bike? I mean, so he doesn’t go off camber when he sees a nice 6-year old piece of ass.

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Um,…Peter Budden…the PRESIDENT!!!

jeeze, this guy!

Zero self awareness.

Lol…I bet some of them get pissed at just a sniff, “c’mon Joe, grab her ass or something! I need max amount of likes”!

He probably reeks of bengay too

It is Hunter Biden’s saved contact in his phone for Joe Biden.

Like bengay and that not so subtle smell of piss because he’s prolly incontinent

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I guess no one on here grew up old school Italian American …

Che cazzo stai dicendo?

Family kissing each other is one thing. Strangers? No.