PedoGaetz now fundraising for upcoming legal bills

Daily beast wrote a very poor article…

Sounds like he does some sugar baby shit. The horror.

So she was 18? That’s WAY over Biden’s sniffing range.

And that makes it a complete non-issue.

I don’t know yet what Gaetz did or did not do, and don’t really care much. He’s a backbencher stuck in the Florida swamp who didn’t have much of a political future beyond headline-grabbing Trump rants even before this scandal.

But his wingman, this Greenberg, may be one of the stupidest criminals in recent history. Stalks a political rival from his home computer, doesn’t even use a proxy or hide his IP address. Takes discarded IDs out of the garbage where he works while security cameras are recording him … At the place he works. Pulls over a woman for speeding; He’s a tax collector. That’s just the icing.

So Matt, well, I guess if you’re a douchebag, even a rich one with a powerful, influential daddy, you’re still stuck with a circle of friends who are generally incompetent, scumbag criminals. Just like his hero Trump.