pedophile question

i found out that a female family member has had a relationship with a guy that is 32 (she's 21). the thing is, she's been with him since she was 15!! this really pisses me off because i found out that it was a sexual relationship when she was 15 and he was 26 at the time.

i'm really thinking about reporting this dude. can anything be done?

to top off, this guy is a lawyer!

lol "happy" is not the right word. she is dependent on him in a low self-esteem way. he is such a bad influence on her. he cheated on her for 2 years. they broke up about 100 times. he's a pervert. when he first met her he had a gf and admitted later that she was just his fetish for young girls. i could go on

btw, i'm in toronto and the reason why i want to do something is because he CONTINUES to be a really bad influence on her. it's discusting

That's pretty weak on his part, but I seriously doubt any prosecutor is going to really go out of his way for a crime that's at least 3 years old, and depending on the state possibly 5 years old. And if she refuses to cooperate, there's pretty much no case. Plus, I don't know your relationship to this woman, put it's obviously fairly close, and you would be pretty much be ending the relationship.