Pedophilia is the cool new thing now

What the fuck?

In what fucking universe should pedos be viewed as virtuous or positive just because they haven’t acted on their compulsion to fuck a child?!??

Fucking clown world.


We just want a gay cake! That’s it, just 1 gay cake and then it will stop.

Like 14 days to flatten the curve…


This is a white peoples problem.

Coming to a city near you…once we accept trannies whipping their dicks out next to your daughters…this will be next


Really? I worked sex crimes for four years and like 75% of my molestation suspects were Hispanic illegal immigrants. My city is about 30% Hispanic.


Those were the days…


I’m a virtuous murderer. The only reason you don’t know I’m a murderer is because I haven’t murdered anyone.


Hispanics are the most pedophilic population… age of consent is like 12 in parts of mexico.


Hedonic treadmill.
They’ve crossed all other subversive bridges, and we are witnessing the final act, how they plan on procreating.

I hope you get ass raped. You’re a fucking piece of shit. Seriously, fuck you.

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UK immigrants from the Indian subcontinent, particularly Pakistan, say hold my beer.


True. Blacks and browns accepted it long ago…

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I remember arguing against guys here years ago that the gay agenda wouldnt stop until it included fucking kids

I was and am pro gay rights but you guys were 100% right and it has exploded into a complete disgusting farce trying to enable trans BS, genders, and pedo shit.


I hate the left with a passion. Whatever is bad is good. And whatever is good is bad. They hate children. Let’s kill babies and then molest the ones who are alive. Fuck the left.


I had a town council woman come to my door the other day. She is a clam. Know all I need to. She needs to be done, and she will be. But, she has to campaign.

Basically, she made some Facebook posts in jest about messing w meals for wheels lunches for veterans. Someone made a joke, she defended it. Last week, she was bitching about the blue line flags.

Felt really really good. Told her- “Know what? I’m a vet. I’m a proud vet. I know your deal, and I’m done with you. You won’t be elected again, I will actively campaign against you if you do, and if you had a spine you would have stepped down. Are we done here? I feel pretty damn done. Yup, I’m done. Hit the bricks, sistah!”.

These fucking people. She is t a pedo, but she is a twat. The left defends these people. Make sure you take a poke at them if you get the opportunity.

This lady went pale white and walked right the fuck away. Good. Bye.

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Just because they dont act on it? Thats a pretty big distinction. If you watch the whole video provided in that link, he goes on to say pedos are born and theres nothing to do today to fix their brain and change that attraction. Its hard wired. So theyre actively managing their sexuality. Not sure id use the word virtuous, but it would seem theyre using morality to prevent the harm of children. He also goes on to say child molesters are bad.

I remember those arguments. It seemed so ridiculous that gender fluidity would ever be acceptable to society, and that pedophilia would actually become mainstream.

That was maybe 10 years ago. I totally believe that pedophiles will be accepted within about 5 years.


“Driven the POSITIVE ones underground”?!?

What in gods name?