Pedro Albuquerque = Professor!!!

I came back yesterday from Porto Alegre and had the pelasure to promote Dr. Pedro to BJJ Professor, with Prof. Mauricio at Behring Rio de Janeiro.

Pedro got his bb at Toronto Showdown last year and gave his first class with his new ranking last night!

Alexandre Fortis, Fabricio Werdum, Mario Reis, Pedro Albuquerque, Rob Handley and Danilo Rodacki are the new group of Professors of Sylvio Behring Association!

Congratulations Pedrao!!! Parabens!

Pedro has been my student since 1981!

Professors: Sylvio Behring 6th degree, Mauricio "Behring" Miguel Pereira 5th degree, Fabio Oliveira 3rd degree, Marcio Corleta 1st degree, Rodrigo Munduruca, Pedro Albuquerque, Alexandre Fortis, Fabricio Werdum, Mario Reis, Rob Handley and Danilo Rodacki.

Sylvio Behring

Gongratulations Pedro. Well deserved.

Parabens e Saudades.


Nice to see.

TTT for Pedro.


Congratulations Pedro

Professor Pedro... nice ring to it!


great stuff!

Awesome news :)

Way to go Prof. Pedro!

Big Congrats Pedro!




Congratulations Pedro! That's swell!


ttt professor pedro

Prof. Pedroa,

You have always laughed at me for being 'sensitive' but today my eyes are filled with 'joy' on this special day. You deserve this and I can partially feel the elation you must be experiencing. Wish I was down there to hug you and 'celebrate'.

Tania and I are very, very proud of you. And by the way, her cooking is coming along just fine. She wanted me to inform you...:)

Congrats Pedro !

Fantastic news! Congratulations Pedro!!!

TTT for Prof. Pedro!!!!