Pedro Wins in Korea

Jimmy Pedro wins in Korea today beating Choi who beat Jimmy in the Olypics by a shido. I am not sure of the score but I was told that he just smashed him and in the final Jimmy faced the current world champion and Jimmy took him to overtime and beat him in a sudden death match as soon as I find out more details I will let you know congrats Jimbo

Good job Jimmy!

Potent! Jimmy P. knows how to get it done against the baddest of dudes.

chitownbrawla is gunna step up and do that real soon also.

There was a long story with my brother and USADA I dont really want to get into it. No one knows the real story so dont even bother to ask them cause Im a 100% sure they dont know. He still trains everyday harder then ever he is a trader down at the chicago merc exchange and making pretty good money. He also teaches our judo club and teaches private lessons so he is doing really well and will be back on top starting june or 04. Marty B. still trains with us we dont see his that much cause he just had a baby and bought a new house. Unfourtonatly in our country you dont have to train very hard or be very good at heavyweiht but this will be his last Olympics he is a huge sponser of Adovcare and he does that full time now

brawla's bruz, RJ, is a bad ass, close to the best in the USA at his weight. RJ can kick your ass equally on the ground or in the air.


I didn't know that Marty made the Olympic team already. Thanks for the info now I can stop training.


sounds like pedro had a great day. beating choi and lee is going to make a lot of people step-up and notice the USA again at -73kg. whoever goes to the Olympics is going to be taken really seriously. congrats to jimmy.


Go Pedro!

Rock on to the 30+ crowd.

Pedro is an inspiration to us all. As Osae would say...Potent!


IMHO, Serbin will rep the USA at the '04 Olympics. That will be an interesting wrestle off at heavy.

Good job Jimmy!!!!!!

SuperMarioSak wrote:

"Korea is a B-level, right?"

It's "A" level according to USA Judo Senior Classification and Point System

korea is an A. the poinst system is simplified now. to get an A you must medal at an A, etc.. etc...


Good Job Pedro!!


Thanks Josh,

I was responding to SuperMarioSaks' question earlier in the thread.

oh, sorry Fam.. i misread your posting.. =)


It was a self funded trip that the highest ranked athlete to tell the USJI, by a certain date, that they wanted to go, got to go.

Go USA -73kg - a division I will never see again - but these
youngs guys are making us all proud.

Go guys go


Super Mario,

I would have loved to have gone. I don't want to sound like a pity case here but I just can not afford to go. I am in the hole money wise, as it is, trying to make this team. If there were a sponsor there is no way I would turn down any tournaments. As it is I did get some donations this past year but still I have to work 40hrs. a week to make ends meet and try to work down my debt. Be that as it may I am training hard for whatever comes my way.


Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I hope you make it too JohnSerbin.