PED's tarnishing sports across the world

Something is tarnishing sports across the world.

The use of performance-enhancing drugs (PED) has become an epidemic in professional athletes; and the use of these drugs has made its way to mixed martial arts.

State athletic commissions are doing everything they can to prevent use of PED by administering pre-fight and post-fight drug tests to fighters at random. Suspensions and fines are dished out to those who are caught doping. MMA promotions such as the UFC and Strikeforce have also begun stripping titles away from steroid-using champions. Some fighters have even been released from their contracts with their respective promotions.

Steroids in MMA have been around as early as 2002, when Josh Barnett failed a post-fight drug test after his win over Randy Couture. After winning the UFC heavyweight title by defeating Couture, Barnett tested positive for Boldenone, Nandrolone and Fluoxymesterone.


 Steroids go back decades, and before them different methods were used.

As long as there's money, pride, and acclaim to be made in a professional sport, people will find a way to cheat. Always.

Try as they might to get ahead of the athletes, those trying to catch them will forever be one step behind.

 A little while ago it was weight cutting that was killing the sport.  Before that it was wrestlers lay and pray and stalling.  Before that it was uneducated judges and refs.  Before that it was too many rules watering down the sport.  Now TRT is the flavor of the month.  What's going to be the next crisis?    I'm guessing too many interim titles or too many fighters getting injured and pulling out of fights.


In before TRT/TRT dont have any slight advantage in a fight, where strength can put you in good position to win a fight.