Pee wee's playhouse

Just started watching it on Netflix for nostalgia. Crazy shit but I think there was more creativity packed into one episode of that show then an entire season of kids shows these days. Claymation dinosaurs, talking chairs, Penny segments. Rocketing out of the house in a scooter at the end of every episode.

I had no idea Lawrence Fishburne and Phil Hartman were regular characters on there too.

If you ever watched it as a kid give it a gander, you'll get some flashbacks to simpler times. Phone Post 3.0

He's brilliant.


The genie use to creep me the fuck out Phone Post 3.0

westnilekyle - The genie use to creep me the fuck out Phone Post 3.0
Yeah he's pretty fabulous. Phone Post 3.0

Ruined the guys career for beating off at a fucking PORNO movie! Ridiculous. Phone Post 3.0

New peewee movie being filmed right now Phone Post 3.0

Awesome show. Check out the Christmas special, too. Phone Post 3.0

Peewees big adventure is one of those movies that I always watch fully through when I catch it on TV... Classic Phone Post 3.0

they redid all the shows in blu-ray.  also added commentary from most of the people involved.  it was 100 bucks on amazon, but worth it, imo, even with netflix.  the behind the scenes stuff is awesome if you grew up loving this show, like i did.  

The movie is a great dark themed play on the show. They parodied it perfectly, I love it. Phone Post 3.0