Peewee wins!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:00 1st round TKO


Go Dave!

Cmon guys, Frye can't win em all, he should be retired by now. Peewee still has a potential career ahead of him. Woulda been a sure sign of his suckitude to lose this fight.

 I'm sure someone spiked Don's drink or maybe the mustache was still asleep.  He was distracted from the M-1 debacle that's it :)

all kidding aside congrats to the kid

 Nobody saw that one coming........  o /

 UFC needs to hire him damnit, HOF easily, and let him do an interview or two who knows.  Just find a way to work Dear Don in somewhere somehow.  We can make it happen.  And I'd still pay for a UFC show with two HOFers fighting, like say Tito crushes Coleman, make Frye Coleman happen.


I have no idea why people think Dave is a prick. He isn't the least bit cocky whatsoever.

Dave Herman has a huge upside... Hopefully, he'll put everything together and keep up his winning ways. I was pissed when he got beat by Mu Bae Choi.. Fight he should've won.

 ttt for Pee Wee.

Pee Wee should be in the UFC, period

I have no idea why he's stuck fighting in middle of the road orgs like this

Way to go Blueberry Muffin!


Congrats to Dave and Mike.

Frye was winning until he got caught.

Sean McCorkle - I have no idea why people think Dave is a prick. He isn't the least bit cocky whatsoever.

 I dont think people understand his humor.

This doesn't surprise me one bit. Pee Wee has been impressive from the fights I have seen him in and Don as of late has been on the downside of his career.

I will always be a Don Frye fan but I wish he would retire already. He's kind of ruining his bad ass image from the good ol days by getting beat nowdays.

I agree with Sean and Mouth, Dave is not arrogant at all.
HardyJenns-Dave is contracted to BellatorFC & WVR: Sengoku right now, they allowed him to take this bout outside of their organizations.