Pelé Landy going to K-1

In ainterview on the Portal do Vale Tudo Forum( fighter José Pelé Landy said that he'll be fighting on K- pretty soon. Not on K-1 MMA but under K-1 traditional rules.

He also said that today he's wieghing somethin near 93 Kg and is looking to put some weigh to get 100 kg.

When asked what he'll show in K-1 Pelé answered:''wait for some stuff which people has never seen out there''.

The showman is back!!!

Peace and''um grande abarço''

He's definitely entertaining but even at a beefed up 100kg (which might be too big for his frame) he will still be small compared to the typical K-1 fighter. His stand up is also good but is it good enough to compete at a K-1 level? I will look forward to finding out for sure.

At least, h'll add some new blood to K-1 diviison. And it's good to see that K-1 is looking again for real fighters instead off. Stephen Gamlin,Aekbono, among others.

Other fighetr who could bring more action to K-1 fights would be Gilbert Yvel.

Peace and''um grande abraço''


Yvel already fought in K-1 and got destroyed by Ray Sefo.

Donnie:i know. But at least he put a hell of fight in action.And kept going over Sefo even with his leg f@!ed up.

But 'm not saying that Pelé will get sucess in the K-1 against the big guys but certinly he'll bring more action for a event which has been suffering with the left from his best fighters(Cro Cop, Hunt, Aerts) from others organziations.

It's time to K-1 look for the future.

And Pelé vs Bonjasky. That's on efight whcih i would love to see

Peace and''um grande abraço''

Wow... 100KG. That's 220lbs.

I hope Pele can pull it off and still maintain his Pele speed and skills.