Pellegrino addresses Challenge????

Pellegrino addresses possible Challenge:

In another thread I read that Agent2600 offered:

“IF Kurt is interested I have a friend here in Louisiana who is interested in fighting him and is willing to travel up there to do so.”

Although he never mentioned a name a few posters later in the thread mentioned that his “friend” was Rich Clementi. This message is directed toward that challenge. I called Kurt and told him of this offer. If I am mistaken please accept my sincerest apologies.

Here is Kurt’s response:

I would like to thank you for blessing me with this opportunity to fight. I would be honored to accept this challenge; you are a very highly skilled and respected fighter. I believe that a real man steps up and faces these challenges and doesn’t hide in Iowa where apparently they don’t have computers. I hope we can find an event that we both find suitable. Please contact my instructor and mentor Ricardo Almeida to finalize the details.

Respectfully Yours,
Kurt Pellegrino

They call him Batman.

That would be a great fight.


Clementi by anything he wants, 4:18, rd. 1.

I guess you guys dont know kurt then i say kurt by sub in rd # 1.

Team Renzo Gracie

i will say it again....They call him Batman


lol @ Clementi with anything he wants...

"Driscoll is correct."

You're very impressive. Not only do you manage to post on every Danny Ives thread created, but now you're even posting on every thread about anyone who doesn't like danny ives. That's dedication, man.

I think Batman could win this one in a good fight

that would be an awesome fight

Kurt by anything he wants.

I think Kurt is a great fighter... but against Clementi? No way.

"That comment about Iowa makes me hope that Clementi sticks him in a wheelchair."

Actually it was someone on here who said that about Iowa not having computers etc. Kurt was just responding.

I think this fight would be awesome. Someone sign this fight now, kipp or joe cuff? let's get on this shit.

TTT for the Point Pleasant Boro Grad

Driscoll is right on.. Clementi by anything he wants... Calandrelli, do you know who rich clementi is? pellegrino is good.. but clementi is too much for him.. Kipp make it happen

I don't think either fighter could win this by "whatever he wants". This would be a great fight and should be signed!!!

Get real with Clementi by anything he wants. Lets get serious. Kurt is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown belt under Ricardo Almeida. He beat Marcus Aurellio(sp?) when he was a blue belt in a grappling tourn, and this past summer he beat Tyrone Glover 6-0 in the US trials. He was runner up to Cameron Earle who submitted Marcelo Garcia at one time. Kurt is one of the best grapplers in the world at his weight, and he has proved that. His wrestling is just as good as anyones at 155, and just because he never had to use his striking in a fight, doesn't mean he isn't sharp. And there is no one in the world that will pyshically over power Kurt at 155 pounds. So what makes anyone think that Clementi will easily have his way with Kurt? Enough with the foolish talk. Tom D.