Pellet Grills TME

I am in the market to upgrade to a pellet grill. Currently have a WSM and it is just not big enough. Looking at a Traeger Ironwood 650 and Recteq RT-700 so far. Open to any personal experience you have to point me in the right direction. I would like to keep the price under $1,200 if possible.

I have an Asmoke portable pellet smoker/grill. You can get them on Amazon (in the US) for $250.

It has been fantastic. I have cooked a couple pork shoulders on it, and spatchcocked chickens. Several briskets as well. I’ve also used it to smoke salmon.

But if you’re going to be cooking for more than 4 people at a time, you might want something bigger.

Anyone else have any input?

Go with Rec Teq or Grilla Grills.
The build quality is much better than the other brands.

I have this with the pro-cart and accessory trim kit.

That Grilla is interesting. I really like the double wall design.

Going to purchase one soon myself but have been told by several people that no need to go crazy expensive and fancy because outside of a few unnecessary features they all do the same thing.

Of course I’m interested in hearing if someone can confirm or deny that for me.

I went with a camp chef. No complaints. I don’t have wifi monitoring but other than running out of pellets no idea why I would need it.

Check out the Masterbuilt gravity or char grill gravity smoker/grill. Better temperature range and you use charcoal instead of pellets.

Yes it’s some what true, they all do the same thing.
But things to look for would be the build materials.

A ceramic igniter like recteq
What type of steel is used, is it going to rust out.
Does it have a cheap ass controller or one made by a company like June ovens
Is the fire pot, cooking chamber, heat deflector and grates Stainless steel?
How long is the warranty?
How is the customer support?

Some look the same but are not at all.