Pelosi invests on chip stock prior to house vote

Americans act all tough and gung ho and let these evil cunts do this right in your fucking faces.
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Become president and offer me unlimited pardons and I’ll clean house.

Nvidia is fabless, like Apple and AMD. They use TSMC or Samsung to manufacture their chips. The CHIPS+ legislation looks like its for manufacturing. Would Nvidia even benefit from the CHIPS+ legislation? I’ve only briefly scanned the bill.

Apparently its legal because they are trading on public knowledge.

Didn’t her husband - who supposedly doesn’t know anything about what she does (lol) - make a fuck-ton by shorting major hotel chain stock something like only a couple weeks before lockdowns were announced?

I think they were shorting the markets as a whole as well as restaurants and hotels. Lawmakers made hundreds of stock transactions during pandemic, watchdog finds - POLITICO