Pelosi just opened a new liquor store at the capitol building

Free alcohol as a work benefit is like heaven on Earth for a normal citizen. Its unatainable.

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You figured wrong, she’s work expensed flights where she spent like $70k+ on booze for her and her friends. The receipts have been gotten through FOIA.


Bullshit, I have personally poured her wine at a wedding just a few years ago.

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$70k on booze? Sounds exaggerated

Wait, thats not a joke?

not ones that are running huge debts, are insolvent and/or have departments that are dramatically underfunded.

At the fortune 50 i used to work at, you had to pay a discounted rate to use the gym

Not if it’s a chartered flight. They can bring whatever they want on it

One bottle of Dom Perignon can cost 50k.


I don’t see the problem. These is what America voted for and these are the people they’ve chosen to represent them. This is merely the people of the US getting exactly what they asked for.

This is government, not some private sector organization.

These people are tasked with representing their constituents. In order to properly do that, they should live like their constituents. Luxuries should not exist for them, especially not at the expense of the very people they’re supposed to represent.


Weird take imo

If basic benefits like gym membership are a bridge too far, what sort of pay are you kids comfortable with?

You think you’re gonna get good professional staffers if comp is low and benefits suck?

Of all the things to worry about…

Shit- they probably waste more money on office birthday cards for fucks sake

Couldn’t give less of a shit.

It’s our money they’re wasting. That’s what I care about.

No surprise you don’t. It’s not your money.

That you or anyone else would call this, “Luxuries should not exist for them, especially not at the expense of the very people they’re supposed to represent.” a weird take is exactly the problem.

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Weird take…the government wastes money here so it’s no big deal that they waste money there…I have a leaky faucet that wastes my money so leaving the lights on in the bedroom isn’t a big deal.

It’s tax payers’ money…why wouldn’t they question government spending?


Morgan Freeman Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

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There is no way she is sober most of the time.

That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying there are much more egregious wastes of money than this that could use your collective outrage.

I am also saying $100k is de minimus. It’s not abnormal or “luxurious” in terms employee benefits.

I bet those assholes get free coffee too!!

Oh great, the foreigner has an opinion on how our government spends our money. That’s helpful.

Lol. Oh gooey- I’ve probably paid more lifetime us tax than you have

Maybe… but paying sales tax on multiple “large suitcases” from wayfarer isn’t quite the same thing.