Pen tool question...

When I use the pen tool and zoom in to cut out an object, why is it that half the time the area inside the anchor points is filled with the selected foreground color, and half the time it will stay transparent so I can actually see where I need to add anchor points? It's gotta be some small setting I am missing, below is what I mean, i'm tryin to cut my incredibly sexy self out onto just a white background and I keep fuckin it upDanke

I would be using the Polygonal Lasso Tool and creating a mask from the selection if I were you.

hmmm, i'm a photoshop novice so feel free to write up a quick how to as I have no idea how to create a mask :)
Why is the polygonal lasso tool better than using the pen tool?

Well in my experience, the pen tool is for drawing stuff. The lasso tool is from the selection set of tools. And a mask means that instead of deleting something for good, you can un-erase stuff easily later on. Try practicing on some random picture. Make a selection and then hit the "add layer mask" button, second from the left at the bottom of the layers pallet. It will make everything except what you selected dissapear. But now you can use the paint brush to add parts of the pic back in, or the eraser to take away parts that need to go.

hmmm, i played with the lasso tool some more and it seems to like to make it's own selections... For example, I cannot take the lasso and cut myself out from left to right.. I can start at the left bottom and when I get to the top of my head, the lasso decides to make it's own selection, it basically cuts the pic in half diagonally from the top of my head to the bottom left of the pic. How do I stop that?

You're using the magnetic lasso not the polygonal lasso.

Nope, i'm using the polygonal lasso and it's doing it, very strange. Below is what keeps happening, I started on her right arm and got to just below rich's left ear and it automatically cut back to her arm and made a selection. Any other ideas? and thanks for all the help!

Ok... Be sure you selected the right tool, there is a flyout with a few different types of lasso tools. Next, if you double click, or click twice too fast, it will close the selection for you. That's probably what happened.

You are most likely double clicking and it's closing the selection - like attjack said.

When you're using the lasso tool to cut out a selection, only cut parts of it out at a time, it's easier that way. For instance, trace along your shoulder and then click points outside the picture boundary and click your way back close to where you started and then double click to close the selection. Delete it and start again from where you left off.

You guys were exactly right, my extraordinary click speeds were the problem. Slowing it down did the trick and that is a great tip, Jimmy. It is a ton easier to cut out parts at a time and it helps to be much more precise with the object you're cutting out.

Thanks for the help, guys! I'm sure i'll be back with more newbie questions :)

If you learn to use a mask you'll be even happier.