Pena-Women deserve to be paid 10x more

colubrid1 - Actually she is right. Women have some sort of fight instinct to finish that men don't. Maybe it has to do with child bearing or whatever.. they are more verocious.
It's more about low skill level and low levels of damage Phone Post 3.0

Lmao Phone Post 3.0

MMA is a business. You want money, you need to make money for your employer my being a draw.

Rousey and bitching about money. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

^Rousey ain't bitching about money Phone Post 3.0

There are women in the ufc who have less than 10 fights, barely 50/50 records and are in the top ten. There should be no complains about pay, they are lucky to be there. Easily the weakest divisions in the sport but to be fair they are sometimes entertaining . Even pena's whack-a-mole style ground and pound.

stellarborg - she is not wrong Phone Post 3.0
Your not even trying anymore Phone Post 3.0

lol she is 100% wrong. Ronda gets paid a ton because people wantto watch her. Most of the other women nobody but UGers even give a shit about.

OkStateGrappla -
stellarborg - she is not wrong Phone Post 3.0
Your not even trying anymore Phone Post 3.0
Edit* You're Phone Post 3.0

DalyDentedDecimated'sDome - 
colubrid1 - Maybe I has to with men being more logical when ahead in a fight and ride out for a win. Whereas women are more irrational in a circumstance their emotions take over.


You must be a women. See you lost control already!

stellarborg - I didn't say she was right but she is definitely not wrong either Phone Post 3.0
No she definitely is wrong.

People are paid based off their draw. There are maybe 4 women that you could argue have any pull at this point.

Ronda, miesha, pvz and possibly jj Phone Post 3.0

Never heard of her. Phone Post 3.0

Jamien604 - I think it's fair to pay them 10x as much if they fight topless. I would say full nude but I feel like that could make for some naaaasty injuries.

full nude and all fights start in the north south position

The only reason they let this dippy slice talk into a mic is because she's hot Phone Post 3.0

Carne de cavalo é o melhor - Artificial wombs can't come fast enough.

Women are already obsolete with surrogate services. Phone Post 3.0
Your mother didn't love you when you were little, huh? Phone Post 3.0

Love Juliana Pena always comes to fight. Phone Post 3.0

Even if the woman got a 10x increase they'd be making about the same... 10x more is silly. But if I've ever listened to Pena you shouldn't take this so serious Phone Post 3.0

They get paid in men? Phone Post 3.0

They would be entitled to such, if they were bringing in 10x more viewers and revenue.

Which is not the case.

Oh, and still waiting to see KO's in WMMA.