Penalties for Gyms?

Are there any financial repercussions for gyms whose fighters fail drug tests? (Besides the obvious, fighter not earning money) Phone Post 3.0


Maybe they should also be made to testify they had no knowledge of the doping. If they are part of the problem (PED use), they should be dealt with as well. Phone Post 3.0

Well doesnt the gym sometimes get a cut of the fight purse? Like Greg jackson or any gym/manager outfits , maybe ATT etc?

Do they lose out when a fighter cant make the fight?

fastnotch331 - What happens to trainers,sparring partners and coaches in a situation like Jones when he went through a camp? Do they just get screwed or what? Serious question for any green or anyone in the know???? Phone Post 3.0
Yes they all get screwed, but by their own fighter Jon Jones.

If an opponent falls out, in your contract the UFC promises to give you a fight within X amount of weeks, to give you what you missed out on (they can't prevent injuries). Phone Post 3.0